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Setting up breakout rooms is exhausting. Rally lets you set up & hop between breakout rooms with one click. Making your events more collaborative and fun!

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Hosted 2000+ meetings & events for clients like:

Designed for Breakouts

Rally was built for small & large group gatherings and makes them more interactive and engaging. Each Rally room fits up to 200

Customize Every Event

Customize your venues and rooms to make the space your own. This is your event, so you decide what it should feel like. Share your secure link to easily invite your guests!

Easy to Use

We designed Rally to be easy to use and navigate through. Instead of spending time learning the platform, spend more time hanging out and socializing.

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Freedom to Mingle

Break into groups

Easily break off and move around freely between different groups to chat and mingle with others. You would never be stuck at a real table, and you shouldn't have to virtually either. Each table can fit up to 16 people!

Immersive Experience

Feel the energy in the room

See and hear people around you as if you were in the same space as them. Adjust the background volume - you can decide how much you want to vibe with the energy of the room!

Broadcast to the Room

Present on Stage

Presenting to a muted audience is awkward. Rally lets you present to a live audience without having their sound cut over yours. Take the stage, make an announcement, or have a panel discussion with real time feedback!

Add Rally to any website

The same great Rally features, added to your website or event platform. Customize your event, generate a code, and paste it within minutes!

As Rally is completely white labelled, you can change the logo, edit the headers and footers, and even add single sign on. Your customers, your data.


How Others Use Rally

Team Social

"We couldn't have run a Murder Mystery without Rally; the spontaneous elements of people hopping from one conversation to another was technically not possible on any other platform. During a time when our team couldn't have in-person events, this truly gave us the connection, bonding, and fun we were hoping for."

Winnie Chen

Marketing Lead



Happy Hour

"Rally saved the social part of our company culture when we went fully remote. Now, instead of a big group video call where 20 people listen to 2 people talking and you're counting the minutes until it's ok to sign-off (not fun; this basically killed happy hours), we actually look forward to weekly happy hours again and lose track of time!"

Phil Chu

GM, Special Projects



Team Social

"On Deck uses Rally for our post-event mingling, and networking mixers with our large remote cohorts. It’s the only (and best) platform we’ve found that can create the many to many group social dynamics of an IRL event. I always look forward to the next event on Rally!"

Brandon Taleisnik

VP of Operations


On Deck


"I have hosted a number of meetings on Rally and my team is far more engaged here than on any other platform. In person meetings have always been interactive, and I am glad we found Rally to bring that online."

Garros Li

Senior PM


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