Our Story

We built Rally for our own birthday party

When quarantine hit, we all jumped on a 20-person zoom call together for St Patty's Day and when the party ended - we were so exhausted. Awkward silences, people talking over each other - it was tiring. We were then set out to solve this problem not for ourselves but for the rest of the world.

Our Mission

Bring social groups together online

Traditional communication platforms make it hard to feel like you can come together. There is no opportunity to recreate the serendipity that happens in real life. Remote workers feel more alone, and virtual events lack engagement. We want to bring large groups together online, starting with a new video application that feels more social.

The New Normal

Creating a sense of belonging

Since Rally started during the pandemic, our aim has always been to make people feel like part of the group again. We have hosted hundreds of networking events, happy hours, virtual cafeterias, student socials and more. With each of these events, people have come away feeling connected to their peers, colleagues, and classmates. Distance shouldn't change how we connect with one another, and we are proving this with Rally, one event at a time.

Our Team

The Founding Team


Ali Jiwani

5+ years of building consumer facing products. Previously exited food tech business. Favourite Emoji: 🤔 Fun fact: Loves 20 person video calls.


Amy Liu

Started making chemicals and now we're here. Always smiling, never on mute. Favourite emoji: 😱 Fun Fact: owns a unicycle, face paints.


Anson Kao

Founding engineer at TeamBuy, scaled to 3M Canadians. Previously exited edtech business Favourite Emoji: 😏 Fun Fact: Ate 5 lbs of food in one sitting.

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