How it works

Host in 2 Steps


Set up

Upon logging in, you'll land on your personal venue page that will look like the image to the right. Click edit to customize the venue to your liking.


#1: Each venue can have multiple rooms, and each room has a capacity of 200. Your first Rally room is free to try for a limited time. If you want more rooms, please contact us.

#2: You can add your company logo to the venue, name each room, and determine how long each room is open for.


Invite Guests

Send your venue URL for guests to join. No downloads required, and they'll be able to join from their web browser.


#1: Rally works best on Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer.

#2: Guests can join with just a name - no account or login required!

Prepare your guests

Send guests a one pager on how to use Rally

Download PDF


1 min how-to Videos

Want more info?

Check out our Event Host Handbook below

Click Here for Handbook