Editing Venues and Rooms

Customize your venue and room so they’re suited for every event and social that you run.

To edit a venue, click on “Edit Venue”, where you can:

  • Change the profile image of your venue
  • Name and description of your venue
  • Add a venue action label and action URL, where you can insert a link to any website or page that you want!

To edit a room, click on “Edit Rooms”, where you can:

  • Change the name and description of your room
  • Add a room action button label and action URL, where you can insert a link to a PDF, website, word document or any materials you want your guests to click into!

You can also create multiple rooms for your guests to jump back and forth between, which is useful when you are hosting one formal and structured event and would like a separate venue for networking or casual conversation.

Creating multiple rooms allows you to create a more curated event to help drive guests to different rooms for different events. For example, we’ve seen use cases where each room had a different speaker session, a different topic for a workshop, different music and vibe for a social and rooms for different types of games that can be played!

With the rooms, you can select which ones you would like to turn on, in addition to deciding how long you would like to keep the room(s) open for. There will be a two-minute warning before the room closes. If you so choose, you can extend the time limit of the room(s) within the room(s) or on the main venue page.